A Complete Guide to Bigg Boss 7 Tamil: Everything You Need to Know

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil has taken the television world by storm, captivating audiences with its drama, entertainment, and celebrity controversies. As the seventh season of the popular reality show continues to gain momentum, fans are eager to stay updated on all the latest developments within the Bigg Boss house. From the show’s format and rules to the contestants and controversies, here is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Bigg Boss 7 Tamil.

Introduction to Bigg Boss 7 Tamil

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is the seventh season of the hit reality show in the Tamil language. Hosted by the charismatic actor Kamal Haasan, the show follows a group of celebrities living together in a custom-built house under 24/7 surveillance.

Format of the Show

  • The show follows the format of isolation from the outside world, with contestants cut off from news, social media, and any form of entertainment.
  • Each week, contestants participate in tasks and challenges to win rewards and immunity from eviction.
  • Housemates nominate each other for eviction, and the public votes to save their favorite contestants.
  • The contestant with the least number of votes faces eviction every week.


  • Bigg Boss 7 Tamil features a diverse range of celebrity contestants from various fields such as television, film, and social media.
  • Contestants are known for their strong personalities, controversial opinions, and dramatic interactions with fellow housemates.


  • Controversies are an integral part of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil, with arguments, fights, and alliances keeping viewers hooked to their screens.
  • Housemates often clash over tasks, nominations, personal differences, and strategic gameplay, leading to intense moments and heated confrontations.

Eviction and Elimination

  • Evictions on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil are based on public voting, with viewers saving their favorite contestants from elimination.
  • Contestants with the lowest number of votes are nominated for eviction, and one contestant leaves the house every week.

Wildcard Entries

  • Wildcard entries are surprise contestants who join the show mid-season to spice up the dynamics in the house.
  • Wildcard entries often bring new twists, strategies, and conflicts, adding excitement to the show.

Tasks and Challenges

  • Tasks and challenges are an essential part of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil, testing contestants’ physical endurance, mental agility, and teamwork skills.
  • Tasks range from luxury budget challenges to captaincy tasks, with rewards and punishments based on performance.

Highlights and Memorable Moments

  • Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is known for its unforgettable moments, including emotional breakdowns, unexpected alliances, secret tasks, and game-changing twists.
  • Viewers eagerly anticipate the weekend episodes with Kamal Haasan, where evictions, confrontations, and revelations take center stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bigg Boss 7 Tamil

  1. Can viewers watch Bigg Boss 7 Tamil online?
    Yes, Bigg Boss 7 Tamil episodes are available for streaming on popular platforms like Disney+ Hotstar for viewers to catch up on missed episodes.

  2. How are the winners of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil determined?
    The winner of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is chosen through a combination of audience votes and the contestants’ gameplay throughout the season.

  3. Are there any controversies surrounding Bigg Boss 7 Tamil?
    Like all reality shows, Bigg Boss 7 Tamil has had its share of controversies, including arguments, disputes, and allegations of unfair gameplay.

  4. Do contestants receive any prize money on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil?
    The winner of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil receives a cash prize along with the title, fame, and opportunities that come with winning the show.

  5. How do contestants cope with the stress of living in the Bigg Boss house?
    Contestants on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil have access to a confidante (often referred to as ‘Bigg Boss’) for guidance, support, and counseling when dealing with the pressures of the game.

  6. Are there any rules or regulations that contestants must follow on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil?
    Contestants in the Bigg Boss house must adhere to a set of rules and guidelines provided by the show’s producers, failure to follow which can result in penalties or consequences.

  7. What role does the host, Kamal Haasan, play on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil?
    Kamal Haasan serves as the host and mentor on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil, offering advice, insights, and feedback to contestants while also addressing audience feedback and concerns.

  8. Can viewers interact with contestants on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil?
    Viewers can interact with contestants indirectly by voting for their favorite housemates, sending messages through social media, and participating in polls and discussions related to the show.

  9. How are tasks and challenges decided on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil?
    Tasks and challenges on Bigg Boss 7 Tamil are designed by the show’s creative team to test various aspects of the contestants’ personalities, skills, and teamwork abilities.

  10. What sets Bigg Boss 7 Tamil apart from other reality shows?
    Bigg Boss 7 Tamil stands out for its unique concept of isolation, constant surveillance, strategic gameplay, and the unpredictable nature of contestant interactions, making it a must-watch for fans of reality television.

In conclusion, Bigg Boss 7 Tamil continues to be a top-rated reality show that offers a blend of entertainment, drama, and human emotions. With its engaging format, diverse contestants, and nail-biting evictions, the show has captured the hearts of viewers across Tamil Nadu. Whether you are a dedicated fan or a curious newcomer, Bigg Boss 7 Tamil promises to keep you glued to your screens with its twists, turns, and larger-than-life personalities.

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