Everything You Should Know About HSBC Premier

In our life, we anticipate what is coming next. We either predict or plan, which is one of the most stressful and complex things to consider. Especially about the future may be far ahead of us, but the best way to secure our destiny is to layer ourselves financially with financial protection. You might be wrong if you say that money is only some of that. Everything will always require money for every transaction, purchase, and savings. Your savings are the basis of tomorrow’s quality, so if you want to solidify your plans, consider having savings, investment, and checking accounts.

Entrusting your money in the bank might be one of the safest ways to store it; with some simple processes, you can deposit some of it to cater to you and even your emergency funds. There are many banks in the market right now, and if you plan to own an account, we have you, as always. 

Choosing the best checking account bank will keep your future ahead, mainly when you use HSBC banks. But, before you learn about their conditions, promotions, and their HSBC checking account bonus, you must know some other fundamental reasons before fully committing to it. Here are the things that you should learn about the HSBC Checking account. Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your families and friends for future reference.

1. It Offers A Bonus

As we mentioned, you might receive a bonus if you open an HSBC account online. Also, HSBC is generous regarding benefits and offers, which is a big sign that you should be an account member.

2. No Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign transaction fees give additional expenses during your trip. It would help if you used a card that no longer charges you whenever you make foreign purchases. So, whenever you travel outside the US, you will have a less percentage of costs when it comes to this aspect.

3. HSBC Has A Mobile App

Everything is incorporating their businesses in the virtual world, and even banks for checking accounts also offer this access option to their clients. The HSBC mobile app helps clients to have instant access and can track their finances with a few clicks away. The app could allow clients to transfer, pay, and deposit money anytime. 

4. Has A Minimum Balance Requirement

Unlike other banks, the HSBS has a minimum balance requirement. It should be at least $75,000 between your checking, investment, and saving accounts. The minimum balance should be the first thing you consider when you want to be an account member of HSBC. If the minimum balance requirement is hard to fulfill, some other banks’ bonuses and promotions might be best for you; there are some offers with no minimum balance.

5. Has No Monthly Maintenance Fees

Indeed, HSBC only has monthly maintenance fees as long as you fulfill the $75,000 minimum balance requirement. If ever there will be some lacking on your balance, a $50 monthly maintenance fee will require you to pay.

Is It Worth Opening A Checking Bank Account?

A solid yes. A checking bank account is not all about all purchases; it is also a way to access your funds through withdrawing or deposits. Also, storing your funds in a bank account is one of the safest ways. 

HSBC Application Requirements

Note that you can make your application in any HSBC branch, but it would be best if you made your application online. It would be very convenient and efficient. Guarantee that the website is secure and very easy to navigate. Here are some of the HSBC Application requirements you must present when applying for an account. 

  1. A credible Social Security Number
  2. Updated Phone number
  3. Should at least be 18 years old
  4. Living currently in the US
  5. Should have an accurate US residential Address
  6. Account Information for funding your account
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