How to develop a Carlos Then’s mindset?

Every individual is an entrepreneur, more so in this era of the internet. Everybody knows everything, but the definition of “everything” is different for everyone. It’s those tiny shades of differences in one’s mindset that make all the difference.

Just like a casino manages to pay its employees with its tiny-looking house edge, a person with an entrepreneurial mindset knows that being slightly better than the crowd is all that’s needed to succeed financially.

Read new books; follow new entrepreneurs’ ways of doing things; comprehend the new financial norms. “Emerging markets” like Carlos Then will be the ones to change the financial norm. And if you want that edge, follow those few people who are going against the herd. Develop a Carlos Then mindset.

So, how can you manage to have that slight edge over others, and what do you need to comprehend that mindset in the first place?

But before all that, Carlos Then’s mindset…?

Why Carlos Then, why not a Bill Gates mindset?

Carlos Ariel Then is one such visionary who questioned the everyday-thinking mindset that everybody holds and is trying to create a different perspective on financial life, helping one shift from being an employee to having the big, whole ideology of an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, yet understandably, Bill Gates’ mindset and his ways of doing things don’t work anymore. If you want to succeed in the same way Buffet has been able to, you have to think differently, and the way to do so is to not follow his ways of doing things.

A well-regarded Millennial Business and Finance Coach, Mr. Then aims to lead higher levels of financial aptitude filled with resources and positive mindsets, all while implementing better money habits.

Carlos has coached many entrepreneurs and is reportedly in the process of creating a global theory of financial wellbeing for a better future. Within this, he believes in teaching every individual to understand their own personal potential as a result of these concepts, and revolutionize the financial world.

Mr. Then is one of those few entrepreneurs who, himself is known for the success of the entrepreneurial brains he created out of nothing – that with his books, financial coaching, and inspirational financial philosophies.

In order to make a successful financial future, a new set of rules is needed. These rules need to address the whole person’s potential rather than just one aspect of it. With this approach, if you do things in the right order, they will produce results that no other rule has ever produced before.

Comprehension of a rich mindset

I can presume that you still have a long way to go to turn that entrepreneurial mindset into a norm for your brain. Here are some important points that you need to know:

a. Understanding Credits

Credits are responsible for stabilizing the economy of a whole nation. Understanding credits and loans is the first and biggest step forward towards understanding the concept of money.

b. Understanding Compound Interest

While people easily call compound interest the 8th wonder of the world, you need to understand it from an extraterrestrial  point of view. What is compound interest? But more: How much time does it take for compound interest to make your money grow? What is the relationship between the money you earn and the time you spend earning it?

c. Understanding Businesses

A business is something more than a group of individuals who have combined their individual efforts to act as a single entity. The day you’re able to comprehend the fact that the whole economy is a form of business, a business will automatically become your second biggest investment, next to yourself.

d. Understanding the financial markets

You need to understand the supply and demand in the financial market. The more you understand economic principles, the better you can perform in the financial market. The more you understand this concept, the better your understanding of wealth becomes.

e. Understanding Dreams and Goals

Having a goal isn’t enough. In today’s world where everything has been thought of already by someone else before you, setting your eyes on something other than what everyone else already has is harder than anything else in the world.

 Having read the above points, you might already be worried that becoming a successful entrepreneur requires too much work. The truth is, it’s much more difficult than that.

 Carlos Then’s revolutionary books

 Carlos’ book “I Give You Credit: A Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Repair”, for example, has been revolutionary for many people, and is set to shake the world of finance. His approach towards solving the problem of not having a good credit history is something that every individual needs to know.

While we’re all struggling to get rid of the all-powerful credit card, which is actually more harmful than helpful to the average person, Carlos shows us how “not” to use it. This is exactly what you need for financial success—this is exactly what you need in order to have that “house edge”.

It’s not the only book he’s known for. His book “Learn: Drop the L and Earn” is an amazing guide to online success, which is something that is currently only achievable by a few people. This book is not set to change that, but the difference is that it might be you.

The book genuinely steers one’s financial future in the right path by satisfactorily divulging several important secrets that are known by only a select few. While I can’t reveal all of them right here, I can assure you that this book is a masterpiece by Carlos Then.

With his upcoming book, “What Are My Options”, Then’s next steps are clear: expand the empire to each and every corner of the financial world; from personal finance, to business, to the stock market.

Now, how to have that small edge over other entrepreneurs as we discussed earlier?

 The small edge we’re talking about is something the biggest investors like Warren Buffett, the biggest business persons like Bill Gates, and the biggest emerging entrepreneurs like Carlos Then have in common.

 The most practical and easy way to get there is to know what to know. Follow the right channels on the internet, select the right books, and stay careful while consuming something that’s related to money and is still free.

 If your money fundamentals are correct, strong, and pointed in the correct direction, you’re essentially not raising the wrong kid.

Warren Buffett, for example, is one of the most successful investors. He struggled just as much as you do, but the difference is that he kept moving in the correct direction and made $100 billion. Rather than focusing on supply and demand solely, he looked at companies as a whole. That is his way of doing things.

 Bill Gates: not only did he fight and prevail in the OS and internet browser wars, he also saved up the winnings and Microsoft’s hegemony to finance more battles and endeavors.

 But you have to get updated with time. They did, and they succeeded. If you are following in the exact footsteps of Bill Gates, you are simply not following him—you are following millions of others at the same time.

My Final Words

 This article might not have set you on the path to success yet, but if you’re aiming for it, this article has made the way a bit easier for you. The journey isn’t easy, and the easiest path might be full of pitfalls and detours. I can’t tell you for sure whether to choose Bill Gates’ way, Richard Branson’s way, or Carlos Then’s.

 All I can say is that if you’re willing to walk the path less traveled, you might have to find your own shoes.

 The journey is certainly worth it if you have selected the correct fundamentals, i.e., are moving in the correct direction.

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