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How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

The sight of your phone battery draining at warp speed is almost a universal feeling. Once you get home from work, school, or that night out, it’s as if someone flips a switch and suddenly your battery drains faster than you can say hello. But what’s even more infuriating is when you don’t even have an opportunity to charge it back up again.

If your phone battery never lasts the whole day, you’re not alone. Everyone who uses a mobile phone has this problem from time to time, especially those who place bets on Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help make your battery last longer so that you won’t have to scramble for a power socket before heading home from work or school every day.

Turn Off Vibrate and GPS When You’re Not Using Them

Vibrate and GPS are two of the most battery-draining features on your phone. If you’re not using them, then why not turn them off? If you’re expecting an important call, then go ahead and switch vibrate on, but when it’s something less important, like reading texts, you can just ignore the vibration. Vibrate uses a lot of your battery’s energy, so if you’re not using it, turn it off. To do so, go to Settings, then Sounds, then Vibrate on Pickup. If you have an iPhone, then go to Settings, then Sounds.

Download Battery-Saving Apps

Some apps can help you save battery life, especially on an Android device. Your best bet is to download a few apps that can help you monitor your battery life and disable background running apps or unnecessary notifications that might be draining your battery. We recommend using DU Battery Saver, Battery Doctor, and Battery Life.

Stop Streaming Music and Video

If you are streaming music or video — or even both — while sitting around doing nothing, then you’re really draining your battery. That’s because streaming uses a ton of data, so it drains your battery. If you’re not plugged in and willing to watch or listen to whatever is on, then try playing some music or a video on your computer instead while you do nothing.

If you really want to stream, then download your music and videos to your computer. Then transfer them onto your phone. This way, you’re not streaming and risking your phone battery.

Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi

Again, if you are not using these features, then turn them off. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not in need of WiFi and Bluetooth, then why leave them on? It’s like having a car running in your driveway when you don’t need it. Not only is it a waste of gas, but it also drains your car’s battery. If you’re not using Bluetooth at all, then go to settings and turn it off. If you’re not using WiFi, then go to settings and turn that off, too.

Turn off Bright Colors and Rotate Your Screen

Changing the colors on your phone to darker ones and rotating your screen can save you a lot of battery life and make your phone last longer. If you don’t mind the black and white look and you’re okay with not being able to watch videos the way they’re meant to be watched, then go ahead and switch to black and white.

Similarly, if you don’t mind not watching videos in the correct way, then turn your screen to landscape. If you really want to save battery life, then try these two tips. You’ll be happy you implemented them once you see your phone last longer than normal.

Try a Dark Theme For Dark Rooms

A dark theme, which is a theme where the majority of the phone is in black and white, can help save battery life if you use a dark room. A dark theme can help you save battery life if you use a dark room because it doesn’t use as much energy as a bright theme. These themes have been proven to save people a ton of battery, especially when reading in a dark room.

Install a Dark Theme App

If you prefer not to change your theme to a dark one, then download an app that automatically changes your theme to a dark one. Apps like Twilight, Night Mode, and Blue Light Filter can do this for you. If you stick to these tips, your phone will last longer than it would otherwise. Your phone will thank you, and so will your wallet because you won’t have to buy a new battery so soon.


To summarize, we’ve talked about how to turn off vibrate and GPS when you’re not using them, download battery-saving apps, how to stop streaming music and video, how to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi, how to turn off bright colors and rotate your screen, trying a dark theme for dark rooms, and installing a dark theme app.

These tips will help make your battery last longer so that you won’t have to scramble for a power socket before heading home from work or school every day. You can then relax and enjoy your phone without worrying about running out of battery.

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