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Is It Possible to Safely Unblock Your Own Drains?

So, you have the classic signs of a blocked drain. We are talking about an unpleasant odour around the house and slow-draining water. You might be unable to use the sink at all or other areas of your home. You need to clear the blockage quickly so that everything can go back to normal.

What can you do? Well, many homeowners want to attempt to unblock the drains by themselves. They are under the impression that this will save money. But is this really the best option, and are you able to do it safely? Let’s take a closer look.

Should You Unblock a Drain by Yourself?

First of all, it might be possible to unclog your drains by yourself. But you have to realise that it takes the right tools and experience to do this. As a general rule, if you are going to do this task by yourself, you need to try to pull the debris out of the drain. It can be dangerous to try to flush it out or move it through the drains.

The most important thing is that you be sensible when it comes to a blocked drain. If you do not know what you are doing or do not have the right equipment, it is best to leave this task to a professional. To know more about professional drainage services and how they can help you, click on the link. FS Drainage is a company that has helped many people when they have had a blocked drain, making the process a lot simpler than having to do it themselves.

What are the Dangers of Unblocking a Drain by Yourself?

The last thing you want is to find out what happens when you make a mistake with a blocked drain. The result can be expensive and cause a lot of hassle. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of unblocking a drain by yourself.

Make the Blockage Worse

You can end up causing more problems when you try DIY unblocking tactics. Namely, there are a lot of homeowners that end up making the blockage worse. For example, they can end up making it bigger or pushing it further down into the pipes. So, not only will you waste your time, but you can make things a lot more complicated. It might get to the point where no water is draining away at all.

You Can Damage the Pipes

Of course, you do not want to make the blockage worse. But, there are further problems you can cause when you try to take on this task by yourself with no experience. You can end up damaging the pipes. This is to the point where they need to be replaced, which is a time-consuming task. It is also something that is expensive.

For example, you can use chemicals that are strong and corrosive. Think about if you have plastic pipes and strong chemicals are used. They can end up heating the pipes and causing holes and cracks. This leaves you with no choice but to replace them.

Pay Out a Lot More Money

A lot of people think that clearing their own drains is a way to save money. But this is not going to be true if you make a mistake. You can end up buying DIY tools and products that do not work. Then, if you end up damaging the drainage system, you are going to have to have this fixed. So, not only will you still have to pay out for an unblocking service, you could have a huge bill for replacing the pipes. Many homeowners that have been in this position before will tell you that it was just not worth it.

Therefore, most of the time, it will not be safe to clear your own drains. Unless you have prior experience with this, it is best to hire a company that do.

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