Magical pink pill for women

How many times have you resorted to socorrida, migraine, migraine, headache and other similar “typically female ailments” to cover up the lack of desire?

Or worse yet, how many times have words like “frigid”, “tired”, “moody”, “bored”, and a long string of epithets come to mind, with the same negative connotations? Fortunately, today women have learned to live their sexuality outside of prejudices, which until not long ago limited and delimited sexual relations.

Woman’s daily routine is especially demanding: children, housework, schoolwork, and her own work. You have to put on the superwoman costume. At the end of the day, you are so exhausted that there is hardly any energy left to give your body joy.

In addition to the difficulty in reconciling work and family life, there is also the marital one, in the case of stable couples whose coexistence has fallen into a routine: worries, disputes, economic problems… All of this ends up hiding the essence of the couple, enjoying each other’s company. Sexual intercourse begins to space out or even disappear completely. Happiness cracks. It’s time to redirect the routine and take back the reins!

What is Lovegra?

Women, like men, suffer from disorders that make it difficult or inhibit sexual relations: lack of desire or the inability to reach orgasm are more frequent than we think, also in women. Although obviously, the physiological characteristics of women and men differ, the consequences that derive from the difficulty of sex are just as frustrating for both sexes: lack of self-esteem, depression, enervation, sadness, or anxiety are just some of them.

A fully satisfying sexual life is the basis of marital happiness and harmony. The lack of sex ruins the couple in the short, medium or long term. Therefore, it is totally unavoidable to seek a solution for them as well as for them.

Lovegra: science at the service of desire – Lovegra 100 mg is ” female Viagra ” specially created to deepen your sexual pleasure, contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate, which significantly helps blood circulation in the genitals, promotes vaginal lubrication and increases the response to sexual stimulation.

Lovegra pills are a product of the laboratories of the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Limited, which also produces the well known Viagra substitute for men, Kamagra .

Active ingredient sildenafil citrate significantly helps to relax the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and to increase blood flow in the genital area. This is followed by more intense blood flow to the vagina, labia, and clitoris, causing increased sensitivity in that area. It helps women to feel more pleasure during sexual intercourse and to reach orgasm more easily.

How does Lovegra work?

  • Sexual urge, tempered by low libido, is amplified
  • Increases the power to reach and enjoy orgasm
  • The capacity of reaction of the woman increases when being sexually stimulated
  • Recommended for women in the menopausal phase

Why use Lovegra?

The process that triggers erotic arousal is different in men and women. In the male, arousal is evidenced by penile erection. In the case of women, the state of arousal is neither as visible nor as evident, since it does not depend so much on a physiological process as on an emotional state. In the Ajanta laboratories, this peculiarity has been taken into account to develop a medicine that allows women to get rid of their inhibitions and give free rein to passion.

What is Lovegra for?

Almost half of females suffer from some type of sexual alteration. As we have pointed out before, these problems are mostly psychological and mental, rather than physical. The usual taglines in which women are branded as frigid or anorgasmic, are usually a high percentage of an inability that inhibits the expression of desire, due to the traditional roles of submission and compliance to which women have traditionally been subjected.

Briefly explained, Lovegra promotes blood circulation in the pelvic area, increasing the sensitivity of the entire area. This helps the sensations of sexual contact to increase and be more pleasant, causing an immediate response to stimulation: the area is naturally lubricated by secreting a greater amount of flow, which facilitates penetration and eliminates pain or discomfort. that causes vaginal dryness.

Lovegra is commercially available and can be purchased over the counter in certain online pharmacies and shipped to your doorstep. You can buy Lovegra for about 15 Eur for a pack. Before consuming it, you must read the prospectus carefully to know the possible side effects.

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