Say Goodbye to Saddle Pain & Cycling Chafe with Cycling Shorts and Bibs

The main problem that every cyclist faces is the selection of cycling bib shortsthat are not only comfortable but also reduce the risk of chafe and pain. If you also want a comfortable cycle ride then it’s essential to choose the correct bibs for yourself.

While searching for comfortable cycling shorts and cycling bibs, there are certain factors you need to look for. The material  must be breathable, shoulder straps must fit correctlyl, and most important is a comfortable chamois pad. All these features and more are available with the brand new Winx Wheels cycling bibs – one of the the best cycling clothes provider found online. 

Specifications of Winx Wheels Cyclist Shorts

Most riders often complain that their traditional cycling shorts are uncomfortable and that during rides they experience cycling chafe and saddle pain due to irritation of their skin. Winx Wheels provide cyclists with various models such as ergonomic ultra shorts and ultra-luxe cycling bibs which have customers claiming they are the best bike shorts online. Here are some of the main features and specifications of the Winx comfortable cycling shorts that make bike rides more enjoyable:

  • These shorts are specially designed to keep the muscles compressed but are breathable and don’t have any effect on the blood flow.
  • They eliminate the risk of fatigue and muscle aches, it has a 4D Ergonomic pad.
  • To ensure rides stay comfortable and cool,  a quick dry and sweat-wicking mesh is present at the back.
  • Pain and chafing are reduced with the help of flexible and breathable material.
  • The padded cycling shorts are designed to fit without ruining the comfort with the help of high-stretch spandex

Specifications of Winx Wheels Cycling Bibs Shorts

One thing that new cyclists may not be aware of is that cycling shorts and cycling bibs are not the same. The main difference between them is the body panels and the straps.

Both of the Winx Cycling Shorts and the Winx Wheels Cycling Bibs are however both made of spandex, lycra or other elastic materials. Cycling bib shorts also are preferred amongst the cycling community due to:

  • Cyclists prefers to use these highly efficient and comfortable cycling bibs.
  • To hold everything comfortably, the perfect stretch of the bib straps stops the shorts from riding up. Moreover, chamois eliminates irritation and chafing. 
  • These Winx bibs are recommendable especially in winter as your lower back will be fully secure because of straps. 
  • Most people hesitate from buying cyclist shirts because of the irritation of straps but the Winx ultra bib shorts are at optimal length hence you don’t feel the straps.
  • The bibs play a great role in reducing pressure on your muscles and you can enjoy a full day’s ride with no muscle aches.
  • The fabric of these shorts is breathable, and comfortable and also reduces chafing. 

One Final Important Note

Eventually all enthusiastic cyclists will want to try out cycling bib shorts so that they can ensure pain free rides. As long as the customer invests into a reputable brand such as Winx Wheels then the cycling bibs will prove to be a worthwhile long term investment. 

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