Should I Use a Spray or Lotion Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a must when you are going on vacation. Even if you are travelling around the UK, taking sunscreen with you is essential during the summer time. The temperatures are up, the sun is out, and there is an increased chance of getting burnt. The last thing you want to do is endanger your health when you should be outside having fun.

Of course, you want to select a sunscreen that has a high SPF. But, something else you need to consider is whether you want to use a spray or lotion sunscreen. Is there a difference, and is one better than the other? Let’s find out.

Lotion Sunscreen

First, let’s start with lotion sunscreens. This is a product that is rubbed into the skin in order to protect it from damaging UVA and UVB rays. It should be applied every few hours to avoid burning and skin damage. Head over to Questmoor Pharmacy if you want to browse the sunscreen products that are available. Now, let’s consider whether lotion is a better choice when it comes to sunscreen.

Well, many people like the peace of mind you get when you use lotion sunscreen. You can visibly see the skin you are covering, and it feels like you are using enough. Indeed, people tend to use more lotion and make sure it is rubbed into the skin effectively.  When it comes to children, you can see where the product is and if they have missed any spots.

But, there are a few things people dislike about lotion sunscreen. One is that it can feel oily and thick on the skin. Indeed, there are some products that have the ability to clog your pores and do not feel good to wear. You will need to shop around and find a product that is suitable for your skin type and that you like wearing. Some people also do not like the scent of lotion sunscreen. Again, you can avoid this from happening by shopping around until you find one you like.

Spray Sunscreen

Then, you are going to have spray sunscreen products. They have become popular over the years with people that are on the go and enjoy an active lifestyle. This is particularly true if you enjoy outdoor sports or are going to the beach. It feels quicker and easier to use a spray product. Indeed, many people believe it is easier to reach places like your back without getting help. You spray on the sunscreen and you are done.

Something that studies have found is that many people do not apply the correct amount of sunscreen to their bodies. Namely, they are not using enough to protect their skin effectively. In particular, this can happen with spray sunscreen, with only one-quarter being used compared to the two to three tablespoons that are recommended. It is thought that using a spray is the reason this is happening. People are not using the product in the right way, which is affecting the coverage.

Namely, if you are going to use a spray sunscreen, make sure you know how to use it best. In particular, you should be spraying each part of your body for around six seconds. If you are in doubt about whether you are doing this correctly, it will be easier to use a lotion.

Is a Lotion Better than a Spray Sunscreen?

Note that both a lotion and spray sunscreen have the ability to protect your skin. It is more about the way these products are applied to the skin. You need to make sure that you are covering all skin that will be exposed to the sun and that you are using enough of the product. This is particularly true when it comes to a spray lotion. You must ensure you apply it properly and use enough to deliver the right protection. What’s more, always pay attention the SPF factor of a product.

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