The New Flash Movie: Is It Worth Your Time?

Are you a fan of comic-inspired movies and looking for something exciting to watch? The Flash movie, set to be released in June 2023, is the perfect choice to watch in your nearest theatre. Here are the top reasons this film should be on your list of movies.

Michael Keaton As Batman

Another reason to watch the Flash film is that Michael Keaton acts as Batman and is best known for being the best actor in similar films. According to the trailer, Michael appears wearing his iconic black duds with a yellow symbol in the movie. However, it is unclear whether he will play Bruce Wayne or not. Batman is supposed to be Bruce’s father because the film exemplifies a Flashpoint comic event.

Flashpoint is one of the 2011 DC series written by Geoff Johns, whereby Barry Allen travels back in time to prevent his mother’s death. In this series, Bruce Wayne was shot, and this creates the possibility that Michael will play Thomas Wayne’s role. It would be considered a sadder version of Batman in such a scenario. It is also certain that Ben Affleck will play Bruce Wayne’s role.

Rumors About the Film

If you are a fan of the Flash series, you must have heard a lot of rumors and spoiler alerts about the Flash film. These rumors should give you more reason to watch the movie. It is the only way to determine whether they are right or wrong. Therefore, as soon as the film hits a theater near you, ensure it is the first thing you watch.

You will likely get confused about the story when you research a lot about the Flash film. Therefore, another suggestion is for you to watch the trailer. It will give you an overview of what to expect. The trailer will also motivate you to watch the film as soon as it is released. The more rumors you listen to or read, the more likely you will get confused. Hence, it’s best to watch the movie.

Amazing Trailer

One of the most interesting things about the Flash movie is its trailer, released during Super Bowl LVII. The trailer shows Barry Allen traveling back to stop a mother from dying. He gets a lot of warnings from Ben Affleck’s Batman but doesn’t listen to them. Barry believes that small changes can significantly impact an individual’s life and discovers this as the film progresses. In the film, there are no superheroes made to protect the earth. However, General Zod acts as the Villain, ready to invade the world.

As the trailer progresses, Barry gets the help of another superpower from the newly formed period. He also gets help from Batman and a Supergirl in their attempt to stop Zod. These scenes make an amazing trailer that creates hope for an awesome film you shouldn’t miss. Warner Bros Discover considers the three-minute video not long enough to provide people with enough details about the film. Hence, they choose to release 50-second footage during Super Bowl LVII. If you want to get excited about the film, you should watch this footage, and they will set you in the right mood.

The Flash is one of the comic-related films that has been hyped a lot on the internet. This only indicates how amazing the film is. It gives people more reason to watch it. The movie offers a chance to show the improvements that Warner Bros have made in their 2011 flash series. The first teaser also received the largest audience among all the trailers that have ever debuted in the Super Bowl.

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