How to Sell us government finally gets serious iot to a Skeptic

The fact is that we never lose our opinions about our government. We don’t always realize that most of our people are actually in government, so we all have to figure out what they think. We have to come up with some sort of social program that they can work out.

In case you were wondering, yes, we believe that our government should be more transparent. We think that we deserve better than we get. It might sound arrogant, but we believe that we are entitled to more than what we get. The fact is that we have a right to know. And we should not have to ask for something we are completely unaware of, especially if it is an issue that affects our lives.

Well that being said, it’s worth noting that the government is not the only entity that thinks we should have more transparency.

There are many examples of government transparency we could point to here, but one of the most memorable was in the Watergate tapes. The tapes from an Oval Office conference reveal how the president talks to his own Attorney General, David Kendall, when he is being pressured by Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to drop charges against his campaign aides.

It’s not easy to see how the government can protect itself from a terrorist organization. But that’s what these tapes show. We don’t know how the government works, but we do know that it can easily be a good thing for the government to be on the lookout for terrorists.

The tapes show that the president doesnt trust his own attorney general and that the attorney general doesnt trust the president, so he uses these tapes to force Kendall to drop the charges against the campaign aides. The tapes tell us that the president believes that he can easily trust David Kendall, but just doesnt trust him. This is especially apparent in the recording where president uses a very aggressive tone of voice when trying to convince the attorney general to drop charges.

There is a lot of talk about a “conspiracy theory” going around that the president is “insanely paranoid” about his power. This is a theory that will only be proven wrong if the tapes are shown to be doctored and the president is shown to be mentally ill.

That’s what the government keeps saying. The reason presidential paranoia is so high is because of how much power he has in the country. If he were to lose his power, you would see a drastic increase in the amount of paranoia in the population. I have always maintained that the level of paranoia you would see in the population would increase dramatically after a president dies.

If the government is really worried about President Obama’s safety, then maybe he should take a peek at his home.

Well, if you’re talking about the NSA, or the CIA, or the FBI, then you’d probably be talking about those agencies. But if you’re talking about the US government, then you’d probably be talking about the Department of Defense.

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