what does sharded mean

Sharded is defined as a term that refers to a situation where you have 2 or more objects in different locations, but you can only access them by means of a shared space. It is not a new word, but it has recently been gaining popularity in the industry that deals with virtual environments.

Sharded space is one of those concepts that is slowly being accepted in the virtual world. A lot of the early virtual worlds were built on a “shared space” model where you had everything in your house, but that was often limited by size or distance. For example, in a virtual world like Second Life, everyone shares a shared space, but all people can’t go to the same place and all people cannot go to the same place at one time.

Sharding is one way of dividing a space. It’s a way of keeping your player’s house in a smaller, more manageable size, and it’s also a way of giving each player their own space. In Second Life, the two players can each have their own space and they can exchange pieces of space for points in a game world.

To me, “sharding” is something that can be used in any virtual world. This is because it’s a useful tool for any game that allows multiple players to stay in the same space at the same time. Players can use their own space, and they can share space with other players. Players can also use their own space to create their own items, furniture, and other things that they can add to their space.

The idea is that if you’re spending time moving around your house, you can build a castle, which is useful for the castle building you see on the map. If you’re building a new house, you can buy a castle from the castle store, and you can have your new castle built by yourself from the house’s owner.

This is a pretty simple concept which has been developed in recent years as a way of avoiding problems like having two houses in a single house or two separate houses on the same block. If you have a house that is completely separate from the rest of the land in your block, you can sell that house to someone else and get your money back.

Sharded can be compared to a group of neighborhoods, so it is a way of creating a single location that is completely separate from the rest of the neighborhood, but still share some common characteristics.

Shard homes can create a lot of problems because they lack the separation of common areas that common areas provide. When we say a house is a shard, we mean that it has two or more shard-like areas. So for example, if your home is a two-story house and there are two shard-like areas, then that house is a shard.

With sharded homes it’s not uncommon for the homes to be so close together they will have no physical barriers separating the houses. Which means in the future you can combine two shard-like homes together to create a single sharded home. This is a very bad idea because you can’t just move one of the shard-like areas out of one of the shard-like homes and expect the rest of the shard-like homes to have a common area.

It’s also very bad because this means that you are now locked into two different houses so you can’t use the same bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

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