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Why do Schools need a Lesson Planner?

Before sitting down to study, or pursuing any activity, people like to sit and make a mental note of the sequence of actions that need to be taken to make this plan successful. Plans in general are extremely important in every institution, industry, household, or even online. A Lesson plan is unique to teachers because it arranges a specific pattern that follows the educator’s teaching style in a classroom.

The Purpose of a Plan

Any plan, when put into action, tends to produce desirable results. That is the reason why teachers like to have a plan that arranges their everyday classes, divides activities, and makes it easier for students to identify the pattern of tasks they would have to follow regularly.

The best lesson planner is one that contains the syllabus, reference, links to relevant topics, and everyday activities including both physical and online tasks with the inclusion of extracurricular activities on certain days. Although these are the basic features, teachers are not bound to limit their lesson plans. they can add as many innovative activities as possible that enhance the learning experience of students.

Moreover, teachers can strengthen their impact in a classroom no matter how it is set up and add to the comfort of students, providing them with essential materials to continue innovative learning.

Benefits for Students

Clear defined objectives

A major problem most students, as well as teachers, face at the beginning of every academic session is having clearly defined objectives for the subject. A classroom planner can easily reflect the objectives of a teacher if they are clearly mentioned, or help students understand the order of academic activities to be undertaken. Sometimes these plans create daily activities, with everyday goals, weekly goals, or long-term goals for half-yearly and annual examinations. 

Organised guidance

Besides explaining learning materials to students, teachers also help the responsibility to guide every student in the right direction.  Sometimes with their lesson taught in the classroom, and sometimes with their life issues. Mostly, a teacher is a role model or a person students confide in when they feel comfortable. Since they are more experienced than any student they teach, they are the right person to provide both types of guidance. This guidance is a part of the plan, and there is also a plan on how they should guide every child in a precise manner.

Building student confidence

Naturally, a classroom has multiple sets of students where some are confident and some, although intelligent, lack the ability to speak freely in a classroom in the presence or even in the absence of teachers. To help them be more confident, a lesson can incorporate plans regularly.

Innovative and inspirational

Innovation and inspiration are two very heavy words with heavier meanings. Students find themselves in an innovative spot when they have much time to understand their academic materials and also beyond it, with the resources in the Lesson plan. Teachers don’t have to go above and beyond, all they have to do is try and include a few activities that might bring out the creative side of students.

Inspiration or motivation comes from constant progress, and this progress can be tracked with the lesson planner. This progress could be in the form of teachers’ feedback from their recent assignments or test grades and attendance records. It also promotes some sort of healthy competition in the classroom.

Promote student interest

The major problem teachers face in the present world scenario is that students are not interested enough in a particular subject or topic. To grab their attention and make sure that they focus, teachers have to coordinate among varied learning methodologies and make sure that they are progressing. Nothing is as motivating and interesting for a child when they realise they are actually good at the subject.


Teachers no longer have to go through the hassle of creating elaborate plans and spending weeks on them before the beginning of every academic session. The best lesson planner is now present online, with giving templates that teachers can copy to automatically incorporate student activities and classroom tasks. If your school has still not adapted to the system, make sure your students and teachers can both benefit from this advanced technology to make learning even more fun.

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